The Inside Tack on America’s Broken Drug Distribution System – As Written From An Outsider’s Perspective

Matt Nye

Entrepreneur, political activist and former candidate for Florida State House Matt Nye tackles the issue of PBMs.

During his primary campaign for the District 52 Florida House of Representatives seat in Brevard County, FL, candidate Matt Nye was approached by an independent pharmacy owner who told him about an issue he should become familiar with because it affected not just Florida taxpayers, but all taxpayers.

The issue? Pharmacy Benefit Managers, and how they game the current system to eliminate competition (independently owned pharmacies) and soak the taxpayers (via vague and non-existent rules under state and federal contracts). Upon hearing the practices described to him by the pharmacy owner, his response was, quote: “Your industry is completely jacked up, and the root cause is government interference.”

Nye lost his primary for State House, but as a former mortgage broker who witnessed the big banks use lobbyists and lawmakers to literally legislate his profession out of existence in the 2000’s, he decided he’d join the battle to save America’s mom and pop pharmacies and fight to stop the abuses being perpetrated by PBMs.

With no prior experience in the pharm sector, Nye has gone to school on this broken industry and the challenges faced by those whose livelihoods depend on it. His mission: to use his communications skills and political connections to expose PBM abuses and the government programs that enable them, and get the drug distribution system back to free market principles that give all parties a chance to compete on a level playing field in the marketplace.

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